New Dev Team

New full-time development team taking over lead development for Bitcoin-sCrypt for the first full-time developer since 2015

Faster Transactions

Transactions are confirmed on the blockchain in 3 minutes (compared to 10 minutes for Bitcoin-core)

Decentralized Transaction Mining

Moving to a hybrid proof-of-stake consensus algo to empower coin holders and reduce energy consumption

Genesis Block: 2013

Bitcoin-sCrypt was released in 2013 as a decentralized alternative to Bitcoin-core and has over 488,000 blocks mined

Lower Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are a fraction of the cost of Bitcoin-core to send money instantly anywhere in the world

Decentralized Development

Democratizing cryptocoin development by allowing coin holders to vote on adding new features

New Mining Algo

Kimoto Gravity Well added to make the blockchain more efficient against ASIC's jumping on and off the network

Same Maximum Coin Supply

Bitcoin-sCrypt has the same total maximum number of coins in circulation as Bitcoin-core (21 million)

Affordable for the Masses

Bitcoin-sCrypt is much more affordable than Bitcoin-core for everyday use and day-to-day transactions


Age of Blockchain (in years)


Transaction block speed (in minutes)


Total Amount of Coins in Circulation (in millions)


Total Maximum Number of Coins (in millions)


Bitcoin-sCrypt Revival plans and timetables:


There is a mandatory client upgrade to v.2.1.0 for all clients

Mandatory Client Upgrade

BTCS Wallet v.2.1.0

March 26, 2018

Cryptocurrency Live Prices

Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) available at Cryptopia and C-CEX!


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Spidersbox - Wally Rowe

Spidersbox – Wally Rowe

Lead Developer

Experienced cryptocoin developer.  Renowned altcoin reviver.  Coin development includes: Bitbar, LiteBar, BitcoinFast and LitecoinPlus.

Jim Joseph

Jim Joseph

Development Advisor

Full-stack developer.  Involved in blockchain development since 2013.  Cryptocoin and Blockchain Consultant at Sutton Stone.  Licensed Attorney.